Frequently asked Questions

1. What is a statistics report? A statistics report is a report that is generated telling you how many impressions your job has had and how many applications you have had during a time period of your choice. It also gives you an application percentage rate and gives you a full breakdown of all your jobs posted within the time period you have chosen. 2. How do I view my statistics reports? You can view your statistics report by logging in and clicking on ‘accounts statistics’. You can then narrow this down by start date, end date, site and child account. 3. Can I break my statistics reports down by which site I use? Unfortunately not. You will have to log into each of your accounts separately as all sites are run individually 4. If I have different brands on my account can I view my statistics individually? Your statistics report will allow you to break down the dates you wish to see all jobs that have been published in that period of time, how many impressions you have had on those jobs, how many applications you have had and how many CV’s you have viewed.